OPEC crude oil prices

Abstract: On Friday, INE crude oil fell for three consecutive days, but the overall decline was limited. Because China and the United States will negotiate on trade issues, the markets worries about Sino-US trade disputes have eased, and oil prices have b

Russian crude oil contract

The above difficulties have caused the crude oil price of Midland, Texas, to be discounted by US$9/barrel compared to the international benchmark Brent crude oil. However, there is always a way to increase pipeline capacity. Manufacturers have already wor

U.S. dollar crude oil

Recently, crude oil prices have skyrocketed. On the one hand, the market’s previous concerns about the OPEC meeting have cooled down with the end of the meeting. On the other hand, although the OPEC meeting announced an increase in production, it appears

U.S. crude oil pipeline map

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released a report earlier, stating that U.S. shale oil production is expected to rise to a record high of 7.2 million barrels per day in June, with the largest increase coming from the Permian Basin. It is

Texas crude oil prices

At the beginning of the Asian market on Thursday, June 2, U.S. oil fell slightly, while oil prices rose. The U.S. EIA crude oil inventories announced overnight supported oil prices. However, the upcoming OPEC meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Expor