Crude oil chart

Crude oil chart

After the cloth oil really rose to US$80, the market began to sound like oil prices of US$00 one after another. Russia began to express different opinioCrude oil chartns. Putin said on Friday that the oil price level of slightly higher than $60 is a balanced price.

In general, the increase in domestic refined oil prices is already a certainty, and the increase is relatively large, while international oil prices are also rising and will continue to rise. The surge in international oil prices will definitely affect domestic oil prices, so car owners should be prepared!

However, analysts are still pessimistic that summer oil demand will meet market expectations. However, perhaps the market has paid too much attention to the effect of geopolitical events on the increase in oil prices. Although Iranian production will be more flexible, given that the EU is still not optimistic about the sanctions against the United States, productivity is expected to slow.

The United States announced on February 2 that the oil sanctions on Iran will take effect today. After the US announcement, Iran responded to this. On the 2nd, Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Bahram Qasimi said that the United States will not be able to take any effective measures against our great and brave country. We have the knowledge and ability to manage the country’s economic affairs... Through these sanctions, the United States The possibility of achieving its economic goals is very small, and attempts to achieve its political goals through sanctions will not succeed.

OPEC is considering whether it should increase crude oil production to prevent excessive tightening of the oil market. However, is the relationship between crude oil supply and demand really the same as OPEC imagined? When OPEC is worried that high oil prices will have a negative impact on the market, a major oil price The killer is lurking.

As a result, the entire Middle East situation will become very chaotic, and there may evCrude oil charten be frequent attacks due to competition for resources. Besides, the Middle East is not originally a peaceful place, and if Iran is in such a trouble, other Middle East countries It will inevitably be implicated and become chaotic. When the chaos spreads, it will inevitably have a huge impact on the original industries of various countries. The turmoil in the Middle East will cause the delay or even stagnation of crude oil supply, and this impact will greatly stimulate Crude oil prices have risen.

U.S. oil production has reached 600,000 barrels per day, surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world's largest oil producer. Moreover, the oil production in the United States is still increasing. Prior to this, the United States had lost the largest market in Asia due to trade disputes and must find an alternative market.

Crude oil prices recorded two consecutive increases this week, setting a new record for the year's high. At the same time, foreign media reported that North Korea announced the cessation of nuclear tests and missile test activities, which has cooled geopolitical risks and the US dollar is expected to suppress crude oil prices upward.