Current wti crude oil price

Current wti crude oil price

Or because the points of the increase order are too close, the market reverses and the total position of the order suffers a loss. The pressure of too much poCurrent wti crude oil pricesition will make the trader worry, fear, and finally cannot stand the pressure, choose to reduce the position and lose money.

The first is to strengthen coordination with other major Iranian oil buyers. On the one hand, they play games with the United States, and on the other hand they echo each other. In this matter, it should be more than just accepting the demands of the United States and confronting Washington. The White House’s extreme decisions have made too many and too fast. It is an inevitable process to play with it and bargain, especially for India and India. For large European economies.

After hitting the psychological level of $80, oil prices have already fallen. The speeches of the Saudi and Russian energy ministers only intensified the selling. Smith, director of ClipperData's commodity research department, told the media.

In addition, two sources in the Russian oil industry said that Russia is facing pressure from its own energy companies to increase the production ceiling and curb domestic oil prices. Rising domestic oil prices have damaged the reputation of Russian President Putin.

The first round of US sanctions against Iran came into effect on August 7 this year, and the second round of sanctions will be officially implemented on the 4th of this year. Although the US oil sanctions on Iran have not yet started, many Iranian crude oil customers have already begun to shrink.

The fluctuations in OPEC's production have caused waves in the global crude oil market, and the proportion of crude oil short positions has gradually increased. The recent withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear agreement has also changed the pattern of Iranian crude oil exports, pushing up the risk premium in the Middle East. In the context of the gradual increase in crude oil prices, crude oil producing countries in the Middle East are facing supply risks, which will increase the supply of shale oil in tCurrent wti crude oil pricehe United States, and a large amount of shale oil exports from the United States will have a certain binding force on the price difference between WTI and Brent crude oil.

Saudi Arabia, which is more influential in OPEC, also plans to increase crude oil production. Data from Petro-Logistics, an oil production tracker, showed that Saudi oil production in May increased to the highest level in seven months. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Kazakhstan is Russia's second largest oil producer and a signatory to the OPEC supply agreement. It plans to increase production to a record level in May.

API inventory data released on Tuesday showed that U.S. crude oil inventories decreased by 2.08 million barrels. This was originally a favorable factor for crude oil prices. However, gasoline inventories surged by 800,000 barrels last week, which directly offset the decline in crude oil inventories. , And from the overnight market trend, it can be seen that after the API data was released, the market did not show much volatility. The turning point of the market was mainly the rebound after entering the US market, which continued until the close.

Afternoon: 0~:00. Due to the short transaction time and the lack of international gold prices, gaps are frequent. Investors cannot enter in the early stages of the market. It is easy to miss the opportunity to enter and exit. The increase limit is different for spot crude oil: no increase limit. Crude oil futures: daily price limit ranges from% to 5% depending on the type of futures. The above is the question about the difference between spot crude oil and futures crude oil introduced by the editor of China Petroleum Finance Network. For more crude oil encyclopedia knowledge, please continue to pay attention to China Petroleum Finance Network!